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Thread: Is KAZAA & P2P SAFE?

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    Is KAZAA & P2P SAFE?

    I am paranoid. I am afraid of using Kazaa. Is it possible to get hacked if I download MP3 or MPEG files from someone's PC by using Kazaa? I have firewall installed.

    Can trojan or any other software be hidden in these MP3 & MPEG files?

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    Can a trojan be hidden using p2p yes your best shot have an updated antivirus running all the time and pay attention and what kind of file are you downloading. Besides that using Kazaa you'll be prey for popups and publicity... if you wanna give a try go for kazaalite www.kazaalite.com
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    Yes it is possible to get hacked by using these programs.
    There have been vulnerabilities found in some of the p2p network applications already.

    The links below deal just with kazaa, but you can find them for practically any p2p application.


    You are creating a direct connection to their PC. You give them an IP address and a motive.

    Viruses and trojans run rampid on p2p networks. Not to mention viruses that are specifically designed for p2p networks.

    As for your firewall... they help. It all depends on how you have it configured.
    They help, but are not fullproof. If there are flaws/vulnerabilies in the programs that you allow, the firewall isn't going to help you there. They can bypass the firewall and attack your applications that you do allow. Though... you don't need to be using p2p networks for this to happen.

    As for viruses in .mp3 and .mpeg... not as far as I remember. I know that these files can have code embeded in them that when you play them, it will direct you to a site and a malicious user can have the code download files to your computer. You will also find that a lot of the files out there are mislabled. You think you are downloading one thing, but you are really getting another.

    You thought you were downloading a crack for a program you didn't want to pay for?
    When you ran it, it just flashed and nothing seemed to happen? Maybe not... maybe you just installed an undetectable trojan on your PC and your attacker can now setup further access to your computer. The threat is real.

    Not to mention certain legal issues...
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    A quick relpy , Dot use Kazza . Just my opion .... I use imesh ....
    I found that my machine works better with that p2p program .

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    There is a risk when downloading any files off the internet that they may contain a virus or malicious code, but if u didnt, wat would be th fun in that !!

    As long as u have an up 2 date firewall and antivirus software u will be fine, so dont worry about it !!

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    ok who gave me -50 antipoints for that post??

    I have had no problems so y send me a message saying not true and give me negative antipoints???

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    A friend of mine (yes this really happend to a "friend" and it did not happen to me), her daughter was in the middle of a song d/l using Kazaa. I guess somebody scanned her and saw that she was using Kazaa and also had AIM up. Well she got IM'd saying that the d/l was going to take too long and she would have to quit, or she could go to Start > Run > type deltree etc. to keep the d/l running. Needless to say she wiped the computer's hard drive.

    As with Kazaa or any other type of file sharing program, keeing wise and on top of what you are doing is always the best way to keep your box safe.

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    Kazaa is safe just as long as you have a good anti-virus program (you can download one from Kazaa), also use common sense, if a file is supposed to be a huge game like "Grand Theft Auto vice city" and it's only 500kb it's probably a virus.

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    Your comments are a little dangerous.. well from the security point of view that is..

    Never Never Never assume that your AV and Firewall alone will protect you.. these with care, vigilence, commen sence and a lot of bloody good luck will keep you clear.

    A little paranoia goes a long way

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    Originally posted here by Alpa
    A quick relpy , Dot use Kazza . Just my opion .... I use imesh ....
    I found that my machine works better with that p2p program .
    Err I hope you mean Imesh Lite. IMesh has over 60 components of spyware contained in it and they used between 15-20 megs of ram on my computer while in installed. I had to boot to safe mode just to remove a bunch of the components, AFTER UN-INSTALLING IMESH. Trust me, Imesh sucks. If you gotta use Imesh, use Imesh lite.

    Also, FYI, the Imesh client runs on the same p2p network that kazaa does, so the only difference between them is the client. They also use the same way of downloading files. In fact, you can start a download on Kazaa, pause it, copy the .dat file into the directory that Imesh saves downloads in, and resume the download in Imesh. Pretty nifty eh?

    Anyway, good luck.
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