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    Should I be concerned about this? (by the way...I'm SOOO glad I found this group...lol)

    ;[connect name] will modify the connection if ADC.connect="name"
    ;[connect default] will modify the connection if name is not found
    ;[sql name] will modify the Sql if ADC.sql="name(args)"
    ;[sql default] will modify the Sql if name is not found
    ;Override strings: Connect, UserId, Password, Sql.
    ;Only the Sql strings support parameters using "?"
    ;The override strings must not equal "" or they are ignored
    ;A Sql entry must exist in each sql section or the section is ignored
    ;An Access entry must exist in each connect section or the section is ignored
    ;[userlist name] allows specific users to have special access
    ;The Access is computed as follows:
    ; (1) First take the access of the connect section.
    ; (2) If a user entry is found, it will override.

    [connect default]
    ;If we want to disable unknown connect values, we set Access to NoAccess

    [sql default]
    ;If we want to disable unknown sql values, we set Sql to an invalid query.
    Sql=" "

    [connect CustomerDatabase]

    [sql CustomerById]
    Sql="SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CustomerID = ?"

    [connect AuthorDatabase]

    [userlist AuthorDatabase]

    [sql AuthorById]
    Sql="SELECT * FROM Authors WHERE au_id = ?"

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    The msdfmap.ini conatins the datasource definitions for RDS (Remote Data Service) Its part of MDAC which is part of IIS. If your're not using it I wouldnt be terribly frightened of it, but I've never really used it myself. It uses ADO's so perhaps some crafty individual could abuse some database commands but, likeI said if your not using it I think you're fine. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, this is just off the top of my head about something I dont know much about.

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