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Thread: firewall importance

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    firewall importance

    i realize that having a firewall is a way to protect my compuer against potential hackers, but i've always wondered why i should have to protect my computer in the first place if i don't have any "sensitive" information on it. i don't have work documents on my computer, and i don't keep any records on my computer that i think would be of any interest to anyone. i know there's people out there that would hack my computer just to hack it (and yes, i have a firewall on now) but i was just wondering how "worried" i should be about the consequences of someone getting into my system.
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    I think the biggest thing here would be if your computer was hijacked and became a zombie computer for a Hacker/Cracker. At this point the hacker could launch attacks on other systems using your computer. The people under attack trace it back to you and the next thing you know, the FBI are kicking your door in. At this point you are going to have a lot of explaining to do. Do you really want that aggravation?
    Secondly, you didn't mention it, but if you do any online banking or buy stuff online using a credit card, a keylogger installed on your computer could be a very costly pain in the butt.


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    Ever heard about troyan or DDoS??

    Your computer, once infected because not protected, could be used by a malicious kid to do illegal stuff mainly DDoS, but imagine what if the guy bounce on you to hack the white house! You could be under trouble!!

    u should quickly set ur frw up, especially if u have DSL!!!
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    If you are on broadband think of a firewall as a service to the comunity. Besides if some one sets up a hidden ftp server you can get into a lotof trouble. see this artical

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    think the biggest thing here would be if your computer was hijacked and became a zombie computer for a Hacker/Cracker. At this point the hacker could launch attacks on other systems using your computer.
    I think this shoud be one of your biggest concerns. It is a very true thing.
    Also you will be susceptible to worms, and a ton of other viruses.

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    True, Zombies are a way that your terminal alone is used in exploits, even if you have no Highly sought after info on your computer. You could be liable for someone else using it as a hackig exploit.

    Also if you are using a cable connection...think of it as a single phone line in your house with 6 phones hooked up to it. Any one can pick up and listen in or talk. It is just as easy...you share everything on a cable connection, VERY insecure

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    I think just the thought of losing your operating system every now and then and maybe the viruses that could infect your bios(don't exactly know which ones) is worth having protection for.No one likes loading operating systems all the time, we like using them.
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    - They want your CPU and RAM for cracking password files or other processor intensive tasks.
    - They want to store copies of their incriminating files on your system so that when the Feds
    bust 'em and take their computers there is less for them to find.
    - They want your computer to attack other systems from, because only a truly stupid hacker
    would hack from his own computer! And why not increase your power to hack exponentially
    while your at it; there is only one way to do that and it is to have a lot of computers under
    your control.
    - You may be running an Operating System that is very attractive because of it's weaknesses,
    and many people need the practice cracking systems and your box looks like and easy target
    where nobody will notice suspicious activity.
    - The more exotic and bizarre your network and OS's (VMS, Rare UNIX's, Primos, routers)
    are the more attractive they typically are. Don't forget that hacking is largely an achievement
    culture. Fame and noteriaty come from displaying godlike technical skill and pulling off a
    break-in that few would even attempt, or displaying knowledge that leads to a compromise
    that few others posses.
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    But always remember, a firewall can be f00led, and therefore its not enough to secure a computer. Browse the other threads here on AO and see what other type of security is important in order to secure a system. A firewall is a start. But dont rely on it totally. A firewall is just a single piece of the security chain. Good luck with securing your computer. I cant add anything else, since the most important part has been mentioned already (your computer can be used to attack others).

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    To answer, your question, even if you don't have any sensitive information on your computer, you want to secure your computer so that hackers don't use your computer as a jump off place to launch attacks, or use your computer to launch denial of service attacks.

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