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Thread: is forged email legal????

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    is forged email legal????

    I want to send a girl a letter with something like jxrry59luvsu@flowersanddinnertonight?.com. Can I do this without getting into trouble with either legal issues or terms of service???
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    I doubt it is illegal. However, it can be construed as a spam header if it is indeed forged in some way and may not pass some spam filters (Most spam filters I have seen do not work for ****ing ****). I do not know the laws concerning this, but I would not expect to see the mail police at your door any time soon.

    I also doubt you will forge mail headers to send mail bombs, mass mailings to 200,000 people. Now that would be illegal.

    Hope this helps.

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    If only it was illegal... I could sue all those spam arses
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    I don't think it's illegal per se. You aren't defrauding anyone are you? You're not breaking any terms of use.

    And on a side note - How very romantic of you. How will she respond?
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    If you intend to use 'jxrry59luvsu@flowersanddinnertonight?.com' as your Email address and it is your Email address then no.
    If you intend to use 'jxrry59luvsu@flowersanddinnertonight?.com' as your Email address and its not your Email address, then the owner of address 'jxrry59luvsu@flowersanddinnertonight?.com' gets a date with your Babe.
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    Forging email is probably not illegal in most countries.

    Deliberately putting the incorrect from address on an email sent through your ISP may be against their email AUP, however.

    If the from address is a domain which doesn't exist, or you don't own and don't have an account on, that's obviously against the rules.

    Whether anyone cares depends on whether you do it maliciously or not. Spamming is clearly bad, and your ISP will notice and ban you. Sending mal-ware deliberately is bad too.

    On the other hand, accidentally sending forged headers is probably ok. Particularly if you did it without any knowledge of doing so.

    If you're sending it to a small number of recipients who you know won't report it you're probably ok in practice too.

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    Not illigal but check your terms of service..your ISP probably wont ahve a problem with it, but it may. It may not work anyway, I have my mail server set to not recive mail with forged headers, if her ISP is he same way it will never get there

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    I would have to say, even on the onset that it was illegal or you were "breaking the rules" of whoever your ISP is, no one would really care because you are not actually trying to get someone to buy something from you, or any of the "typical" bullshit that we all know comes from any SPAM email. This sounds simply like a romantic/cute thing you are doing, and you aren't hacking anything to get it done, etc. The only thing I would worry about, as said above, is the fact that a SPAM filter might block it. Though were you planning on sending this to an email address, or sending as a reply address for a text message to a phone or pager? If it's going to a phone or pager, I'm not sure how the rules are setup for SPAM, if they even really have filters for SPAM...
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    If you are to only send one, and you are not trying to impersonate someone (say like the president of the US), I seriously doubt your ISP would ever notice. Depending on what email server you connect to though your mileage may vary (depending on how it is setup). Although you might want to consider sending your real email address in the letter, otherwise, if she replies...uh oh

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    this might be going against the grain of progress, but have you considered doing things the "old-fashioned way"? that way, there's no potential for illegal activity- just the potential for being turned down in person instead of over e-mail.
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