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Thread: securing files with a password?

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    securing files with a password?

    Hey I have Windows ME and I am wondering how exactly I can assign a password to a file. I know this forum has come up before, but I need help! Anyone who knows what type of programs and how to secure files please tell me. I will be forever greatful. Thanks!!!

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    i would suggest encrypting the file...
    i don't know if you can set permissions in Windows ME?

    i'm pretty sure you can in NT though...

    does Windows ME use FAT32? if so, then i don't think you can set permissions?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Ashampoo Power Encrypt Deluxe is sweet........
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    yes Windows ME uses FAT32, no NTFS support (that I know of). It's basically just a little nicer than Windows 98 or 95, but no where near as advanced or secure as an NT platform. You will have to use some 3rd party software to do what you want. Personally I like PGP, that's the way to go if you want to encrypt.
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    Just use PGP, it's free for personal use and it locks files and encrypts email, etc. etc Not to mention (although I haven't used it, yet) secure connections from one comp to another, kind of like a VPN..
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    WinME uses fat32 so it does not allow to set "access&usage"-permissions to files like NTFS-based systems usually do, just like AciDriveHB said.

    If the target-box is using fat32-based systems,Theres no way to surely hide a file/directory without some sort of 'hacking'-procedures,register-level or else.

    Best bet would be a 'hiding'-software which does the dirty work for you. One comes to mind:advanced hide folders--> to d/l it choose the first downloadable option from http://www.webattack.com/freeware/se...antihack.shtml .

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    This one looks like exactly what u need, with the link provided by Mal, its called file vault

    FileVault is a file protection program that allows you to lock out personal files on your hard drive with a password. For each protected file, you have the choice of read-only or full-open protection. The program also includes a DOD file shredder, system lock, stealth mode, and stronger file security. You can protect your files through an open-dialog box, or by simply dragging and dropping them onto the interface. FileVault can only protect indidually selected files, not entire folders.
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