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Thread: Port Forwarding in Cisco IOS

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    Port Forwarding in Cisco IOS

    Does anybody know the command to forward ports in the the Cisco IOS? Thanks.

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    Assuming I am understanding you question correctly, if you are using a dynamic assigned address, you will have to do a static NAT translation to the dynamic address. The command below will do that for you:

    ip nat inside source static udp 2385 interface Dialer1 2385

    Just swap the with the address of the machine you are opening up, pick udp or tcp for the type and change the 2385 to the port number that you want to forward.
    Just enter the command in the config mode, you don't do it on any interface, just in the root of the config mode. Also, I have assumed that the dialer interface you are using is Dialer1 - change it if you are using another name for the dialer interface.If I am not understanding your question correctly let us know and maybe me or someone else can help, since I do not have much experiance with cisco IOS's.
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    forward ports? port mapping, maybe? Please explain what you are trying to accomplish and maybe we can help you out.... Thanks.
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    are you reffering to IP default gateway?
    Cisco IOS runs on routers, Cisco CAT OS runs on switches, Switches can forward port traffic, Routers will route it based on destination IP.

    Please be more specific as to what you need to accomplish.
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    I just want to point ports 20-23 to my linux box. Im using a cisco router.

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    Good question, I would suggest heading over to http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/ and
    bookmarking that site. I have read a large amount of the material there and consider it essential to 'Ubering' up on my
    Cisco/Network skills.
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    ip nat inside source static tcp "external IP" 23 "internal IP" 23
    ip nat inside source static tcp "external IP" 20 "internal IP" 20

    the external ip should be the router ip the internal should be your lunux box

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