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Thread: SPAM Attack thru the US Mail!??!

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    SPAM Attack thru the US Mail!??!

    A Oracle DBA guru at work gave me these urls.

    This is an odd
    attack, but with a perl script, google, and a few 100 webpages,
    a person could fill up your US Mailbox.

    Read the second paragraph in regard to a certain Google search.

    Then go to this link and read more about it:

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    Quite interesting...Talk about screwing the person on the other end...250,000 is quite a bit....
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    That's a very interesting article, what'll they think of next.

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    Hmm, spamming may not be illegal, or enforcably illegal, but screwing with the mail... that is a Federal Offense... In the words of Mr T, "I pity the fool" that screws with the postal service. 'Cause if you grid-locked an entire zip-code... that investigation would get NASTY. They don't like people screwing with the mail. It would be too hard to cover one's tracks doing that. If it requires transactions online, it would involve multiple calls and responses, so outright ip spoofing and faking two way communications would be nigh impossible as it invovles many different servers, so that leaves masking through proxies and other intermediaries..., but that is soooo not safe enough to ever screw with the government. I mean, if they are sending out magazines and other things, than they would have to keep logs, those logs would atleast show the first hop...., screw that noise. That is easily something that could be labeled terrorism...
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