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Thread: I am UBERHACKER!!

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    Will everyone be kind enough to kill this "dublix" account with a barrage of negative antipoints. I hate this tag and i think its queer so do me a favour and go neg happy on me. If anything to even out your antipoint bar thingy. I dont want to be accused of having multiple accounts so have fun!

    If you need a good reason here we go:

    1 can you help me hack hotmail?
    2 how do i put a virus in my moms computer?
    3 what is the definition of a trojan?
    4 i am a uberhacker!
    5 i have subseven on my friends computer should i delete all his personal files?
    (yes i know these questions contradict each other)

    Thats what i am talking about!!! Hell yeah that was powerful.

    Decent punch my ass, that was worthy of a tyson upercut!!/whoever that was you are pretty powerful.

    <edit> i now have 98 left in the greenside, down from 166.

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    You sound like you got someone else's account. That's the only reason I can see that you would be talking so much crap. If that's not your account, you should leave it alone, cause you ip is being logged. If that is your account, just don't use it, stupid.
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    It's me Pure, i am the only conservative(so it seems) in the Cosmos forum. lol

    I know "just dont use it" but the temptaion might bring me to the dark "red side".

    And who you callin stupid chump.lol

    Your right i dont have any concrete knowledge of security, but AO is addictive even to the semi-newb like me. And that says alot about how good of a site AO is.

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