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Thread: javascript error in ao

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    javascript error in ao

    hey i always see this error in ao. this started to show up when ao has been redesigned. webmaster pls check out the error. i made a screenshot of it at http://home.jetherson.com/ao-error.gif

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    I'd like to second that. I don't get the error on my home machine (Win XP SP1), but on a friend's machine running Windows ME and IE 5.5, I get the exact same error every time a page loads. Annoying. Also, clearing the cache and other such normal measures haven't worked. Plus, I've had no success reproducing this on any other machine. jetherson is evidently getting the error on a Win XP system (from the screenshot) which has IE 6. So I guess it's not an OS/Browser thing.
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    I've tried three different machines running Windows XP and I can't recreate the error. Perhaps it's occuring with a specific XP release, or under specific circumstances?

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