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    Messenger Service

    hey guys I have a question. Every now and then I receive annoying ads from Microsoft Messenger Service. Is there any way I can turn that off?
    I appreciate your help


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    If you use an NT based system (NT, 2K or XP) you can type in a run box 'services.msc' and set the messenger service to disabled or manual.
    This will stop those annoying pop-up's.
    Note: If you are on a network consult your netadmin about this because it might be used.

    If you are not on a network there are more services to disable.
    For example the server service.

    Hope that helps.

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    EmPtyKnow, that's a great piece of advice from noODle, follow it to the letter. That's exactly what I would've told you to do.

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    easy work around

    To turn off the messenger service in XP:

    Click on the Start button and open the control panel.

    Open the Performance and Maintenance control panel and go to Administrative Tools.

    Now double-click on Services, then scroll to Messenger.

    Double-click Messenger and click Stop to stop the service.

    Change the startup type to Disable

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    You could pick up a personal firewall and learn to configure it. http://www.tinysoftware.com http://www.agnitum.com This will make your machine safer overall and stop the pop ups. It's also a good skill to have.
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    While you are at it (turning off services) check out:


    He has painstakingly listed all the services in Win2k and WinXP, what they are, what they do, and whether or not you can turn it off. This, i hope needless to say, will help your security as well as system performance (less running processes/memory).

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    You can also check out info in this other thread:Leaking Ports

    I posted a link to a site with a free tool that automatically disables the Messenger Service for you: StopMessengerSpam.com

    As suggested, you can also run a decent firewall and block all of that stuff. ZoneAlarm Pro also blocks pop-up / pop-under ads on web sites, banner ads, private info is stripped out of your packet headers and cookies are blocked.

    Whether ZoneAlarm Pro or some other product there are plenty of products available to restrict access to your system and help protect your private information when you surf.

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    Using a dial-up still, I am using proxyconn accelerator (www.proxyconn.com) for $7.95/mo and I am happy with their services.It kills pop-ups and pop-unders,animated Gifs and also removes banner ads.Sometimes, I get broadband speed but most of the time I get around 110000 bps.The firewall also does its job,so I don't have much of these unwanted ads and pop-ups.Hope this helps.walter

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    thanks guys, I shut off the messenger service just as you suggested. Also that link by nebulus200 is really useful

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    And to definitely remove Messenger:

    Start --> Run, then type
    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
    and hit Enter. Mind the two spaces...

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