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    With the BSD?NEXT hybrid bas OSX is actualy a prety good server, and as it can run all of the same server programs as linux it s a moot point. So what it comes down to is how much do you want to spend on hardware.
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    Maya has been available for Linux since version 3.x ( I think  ). Also, if you have the cash, and want a very serious 3D imaging system, then you should probably skip both Mac OS X and Linux (for now ) and head straight for an SGI Fuel system running IRIX 6.5.19/20 imho.
    Is there such a thing call SGI Fuel system running IRIX 6.5.19/20 imho?Can you kindly show me any link related to this cos i can't find any.Thank.

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    Sure wacky_sung... Check out http://www.sgi.com/workstations/fuel/. To
    buy one of these babies you generally have to go through a retailer, one that
    I have done business with that is pretty good is xsnet
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    I am an os 9.2.2 user but im on an osx machiel curently and from what ive heard osx is not much diferent but what is linux?

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