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Thread: CD-ROM something

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    CD-ROM something

    hey guys/girls .... yesterday my computer started opening the cd-rom ... it wont stop .. i scanned for viruses - no result - i tried RESTORE ...still no luck.... so if u guys/girls know what might help .... post it ... tx in advance

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    Hey MemorY watch up! I think your computer has been hacked or controled by someone. Try to disconnect your CD-ROM the power cable, (turn off first your computer by doing this) then start again 'puter and run your antivirus programs or anti trojans tools if you have one. If the scanning can't find any trojans or virus, turn off your computer again and attach the CD-ROM power cable and play your computer again. If the first time you start your computer and the CD-ROM drive will open then something wrong with your CD-ROM drive, may be the eject button on your CD-ROM got stuck. Try to fix it if you know, if same thing happen. I think you have to refer that to computer technician near you, or the best way buy another new one. The only way to resolved your problem. --- bunker buster --
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    Well to start off with it sounds like the effects of Netbus or some similar trojan, so I would suggest a trojan scanner like TauScan (www.agnitum.com) and run that and see if that turns anything up. If not, then it could possibly be a hardware problem, try a diff cdrom and see if it stops.
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    Re: CD-ROM something

    Originally posted here by MemorY
    hey guys/girls .... A.yesterday my computer started opening the cd-rom ... B.it wont stop .. i scanned for viruses - no result - C.i tried RESTORE ...still no luck.... so if u guys/girls know what might help .... post it ... tx in advance
    A. First of all...what OS and type of CD drive?
    B. Do you mean that it opens and closes constantly?
    C. Tied to the OS and/or third party programs...what do you mean RESTORE?

    Are you sure that the open/close button has not shorted out (or is broken)? If it's not that, consider going to the manufacturer's phone or website and asking about recalls or troubleshooting bulletins regarding the model of the drive.

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    Hmm.. do what I would do. IF AV fails.. check your StartUP. by typing in msconfig in the RUN function. see if theres something unusual in there. and if that fails. re-check your CD Drive's IDS cable. which means you have to open ur box, dont be scared, i drink a can of coke while building and testing and repairing computers at work. it takes lots of carelessness to short out your computer LOL. just ermm.. stay away from the BACK of the motherboard. touch it and u go zzzzzzttt!!!. tho you always have the option to unplug ur PC while ur uncasing it LOL.

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    all right tx guys ..... the post from bunkerbuster and Syini666 helped me ... i disconnected the cd-rom then scanned with the TauScan ...it was Netbus ....tx again...

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    okay, because of all that people using netbus can observe, you definitely want to change passwords, etc.

    ALSO (and this is not aimed at you MemorY, this is for everyone): keep in mind that if you try to experiment with trojans, etc. with the intent of either 1) *learning more about security* or 2) being the most evilist evil genious in the world (1337 h4x0r) that it usualy comes back to haunt you.

    try to keep the security experiments on a secondary computer if possible, to keep all of your personal stuff safe. (I keep a spare 500 MHz monster laying around for when i feel like playing mad scientist)
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