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Thread: How to re-open & run a vc++ Applic?

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    How to re-open & run a vc++ Applic?

    Hello i am a newbie who has recently switched to visual C++. i made a simple database viewer application using MFC (exe) but i have a problem. After saving the work and re-opening the project, execute does not work:
    1 error
    --------------------Configuration: DbaseManip2 - Win32 Debug--------------------
    Compiling resources...
    z:\dbasemanip2\stdafx.cpp(5) : fatal error C1085: Cannot write precompiled header file: 'Debug/DbaseManip2.pch': There is not enough space on the disk.
    Error executing cl.exe.

    DbaseManip2.exe - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    It does not matter whether i copy the program to the C-drive which has 7 GB free. My RAM is 128 MB. During design such issues never arose!

    What can be the problem?

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    I wonder, are you using a version of visual C++ with a disc space bug?

    The problem is, a 32-bit signed integer is not enough to hold the number of bytes free, it's being truncated. Therefore it seems like there is a negative amount of space.

    Solution 1 (the good one)
    - Apply a patch from the vendor (i.e. M$)

    Solution 2 (the bad one)
    - Create an amount of disc space between 0 and 2 Gb, 4 and 6 Gb, 8 and 10 Gb (etc)
    - I.e., create 1Gb of junk, it may then work
    - This causes the amount of disc space in the faulty code to re-overflow back to a positive number
    - (Yes, I've used this method before ) - it sucks, but it also works (although not tried it with this program)

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    Like slarty said, update visual studio/vc++...
    Last time I checked, they were at Service Pack 6 (SP6).

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