Hey all,

I recently attended a computer technology seminar at my high school and was excited to learn about all the opportunities that were there for computer security specialists. It seems that there has been a huge need for these type of individuals ever since 9-11 took place. Excpecially within the government, as well a big coorporations, I guess I am so excited because I thought of the field as one where I was very highly competative and only a select few were chosen for certain spots. Kinda like trying to be a professional athlete, is what I used to think... next to impossible, but it's cool now cause I see that there are lots of differnet oppertunities in the field. Thought I'd share this link if any of you were still interested...


Also, I e-mailed Ed Skoudis, author of Counter Hack, and he told me basically the same thing as the article.

I just found this exciting and I hope some of you who were clueless like me find this to be too.

Now off to get a tux for the prom lol... then study for the SAT's, ACT's, ELA's, Regents, and Local Exams...