Windows kernel has a buffer overflow exploit.
dO use this patch to fix the bug too...

ya, you can apply the same patch to the this edited kernel too...





Win-xp pro. Updated kernel on the web ... [FINAL RELEASE]
YAP, A improved release of winxp kernel can be downloaded from the following link...

As per my Observation/knowledge... <after testing it with few PC's>

1). You will have a 20-25 Mb of free... in normal processes of your PC.
2).YOUR windows is more stable % LITTLE fast!
3).SOME facility <you will see... while you use your pc...> enabled that was imbedded in the kernel of winxp but a user should enabled them through registry...
4). Your file copy/access in your PC will be more stable $ quick.
5).Some facility that windows restrict to it's user's has been enabled...


I am using it in my pc and it's working great

Hay, guys use it... and do bomb me with your "feedbacks" <door_hunter007@hotmail.com>