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Thread: A easy way to grab sam from c:\windows\system32\config

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    A easy way to grab sam from c:\windows\system32\config

    Frankly talking, i was about to write a 10 page tutorial on this topic but i finally realized I don't really wanna end this article with a query in your mind " WTF - does that mean " :lol: so i am explaining you only the practical... concept/idea behind how can we bypass the OS restriction of ctrl+c <copy>; ctrl+v <paste> and grab the critical system files like ntuser.dat, sam, machine keys..., security, software... etc

    Sorry, the theoretical portion [if you wanna understand in depth] about file system... OS interrupts, MBR, boot record etc... please consult google.com

    The practical idea behind grabbing the SAM file the easiest way... from :is discussed below.

    It has been ages since i have been using this personal trick with couple of other's... to bypass almost all of the restriction's created by software's < like ---folder guard ... etc it has the ability to make files & dir's invisible/restricted/read-only... > ya so finally i wanna share it with you before it get's rotten in the basket of my private personal exploits...


    below i am discussing about a trick that can be used to copy even restricted system files like sam <c:> via. Using any type of account :wink:


    I hope you have experience using software's that recover deleted dates, access damaged/crashed HD and floppy to recover precious bytes... eg: www.lc-tech.com <Recover NT> Such software bypasses the software layer and have a ability to directly talk with the sector's and cluster's of your HD. Ya, I hope any type of such software will work handy for using this trick...

    The trick is,

    suppose, you have to grab the SAM file <c:> through guest account... all you have to do is double click the stand-alone software like 'recover NT' ... bourse to the <c:> dir and click the restricted file you wish to grab. Hope it prompt's you asking whether you wanna save it as 'No fat' or 'Fat 1' or 'FAT 2'... choose anyone as you wish :? and save it where ever you want.....

    :lol: :lol: :lol: it's that simple...

    YA, this help's you bypass almost all restriction's if you use some of the really badly coded software's available or market... or are you planning to tailor something yourself.

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    By that way you could even use a guest account to copy the sam file from a network that is 24/7... up ;-)
    You will never have to reeboot that way...

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