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Thread: Winxp pro 'KERNEL' final relese...

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    Winxp pro 'KERNEL' final relese...

    Windows kernel has a buffer overflow exploit. <IN ALL VERSION'S OF WINDOW>
    dO use this patch to fix the bug too...

    ya, you can apply the same patch to the this edited kernel too...





    Win-xp pro. Updated kernel on the web ... [FINAL RELEASE] {download the zip file here} ... http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/htrshell32.zip ...
    ---------------------------------------- <
    YAP, A improved release of winxp kernel can be downloaded from the following link...


    The kernel [ shell32.dll] could be copied to %windir%\system32\ booting the PC from DOS and replacing the original shell32.dll with it...

    [If you are not sure with my words, ;-) I recommend you to backup shell32.dll before replacing the original kernel ]

    <Note:- The recently released 'buffer overflow' patch for the kernel for windows platform could be applied to this kernel too...]


    -> As per my experience (after testing with many PC's and reading the response of dozen's of e-mail's after the release of the the edited kernel) your PC will be more fast and stable with this kernel comparing it with the original Version.

    -> Facilities that was imbedded but 'disabled' in the Original kernel <That could be used through few complex processes > are enabled & embedded in this edited version...

    -> Some #Facilities# that windows restrict to it's user's has been enabled...

    4). Your file copy/access in your PC will be more stable $ quick.


    Hay, guys use it... and do bomb me with your "feedbacks" <door_hunter007@hotmail.com>

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    You are surely taking the piss:

    1. The windows kernel, shell32.dll ? You have no idea what you're talking about.

    The windows kernel is called various things, but on no version is it called shell32.dll, which is a component of Windows Explorer, and a long way removed from the kernel.

    For reference, the Windows NT kernel is called ntoskrnl.exe or something

    2. Get an update from a Geocities-hosted web site? Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

    3. Run your random DLL containing god-only-knows what evil trojans, we aren't that gullible, loser!

    Stop being a total lamer (you will get banned shortly anyway) and grow up, lame kiddie.

    If you posted the above in good faith, you are an idiot.

    And your sig is lame too.

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