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    Colours all funny, no good reason!

    I not the only one who uses my family computer. My brther aparently had this happen to him when he was trying to run StarCraft and i noticed the next day. A bunch of my icons look slightly different, a bunch of my colours are screwy, and when some stuff is open the clouds on my desktop go funny in colour. I'm running windows on a compac 'bout 500 MHz PC. Everything seems to work and the virus scanner didn't catch anything but it's annoying the heck out of me and i dont understand it. Please help.
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    You may want to check the color settings. Right click the desktop, and hit properties. Click the settings tab. Set the color depth to at least 16-bit. The resolution should be alright, but you might as well tweak that while you're here. This is a VERY general fix, but sometimes older games change the color depth/resolution to fit their needs. Sometimes if you exit wrong or crash or something, it won't get fixed. Try it, and let me know.

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    Have you ever changed the video card out before? If its a 500Mhz its starting to get a little outdated. Also check and make sure that your monitor cable is seculey plugged into the back of the video card. I've had monitos still work but the colors would be funky because the cable was loose.

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    I agree with cheyenne1212, also check the pins on the connection on the back of your system.
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    Do you have pets? Wel lyou at least have syblings, check the monitor cable for teeth marks, a shorted video cable can do this also
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