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Thread: php and apache problem

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    php and apache problem

    I'm trying to set up the apache server with php as a module so that i can test scripts. I don't want to host anything. When i create a simple html and php file to work together it doesn't eg

    <form method = 'post' action = ./name.php>
    <input type = 'text' name = 'fname'>
    <input type = 'submit' value = 'submit'>

    $test = 'test';
    print $fname;
    print $test;

    when i view this using http:\\localhost

    i see index.html enter a name hity submit, but then all it shows is the value in $test, not in $fname?

    any ideas, i'm assuming it must be how i installed apache and php, but i thought i followed everything.

    i'm using win 98se, apache1.3.27 and php4.3.1

    when apache console opens it gives no errors and says php is running.

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    You cannot use globals for posted variables if register_globals is off, I recommend you leave it that way (it is off by default)


    PHP Code:
    Instead of just $fname

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    Cheers, works fine now, just read the bit in php.ini about the register_globals being off, think i'll take yours and there advice and leave it off, figure best to try and learn it the right way

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