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Thread: resizing partitions

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    resizing partitions

    I went to install RH8 yesterday, i have a 53gb hard drive, so i can easily lend 15 or 20 to RH.

    When it came to choosing where to install RH i don`t have an extra HD so i needed to resize my current one which runs XP. However the warning was something to the effect of, resizing the partition will cause it to be formatted, i.e XP will be gone if i resize the partition.

    How do i install RH but leave XP intact, i`ve spent hours hacking it up so its just how i like it so i don`t want to have to re-install xp.

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    Buy Partition Magic, best windows partitioner there is. http://www.powerquest.com/

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    it will only allow u to use it if u pay like $70. and the trial won`t allow any changes to be made, it`ll only show the features etc.

    i`m sure there must be a free-way to do it, otherwise it makes a mockery of linux being free, free to have just not free to use.

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    I am using Win XP & Red Hat Linux. Many thanks to Partition Magic 8.0. Very good & easy to install.

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    ok this doesn`t help me very much.

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    otherwise it makes a mockery of linux being free
    It may be free, but it ain't cheap.
    Come on man, you prolly spend that much
    a week on beer!
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    i refuse to pay for software, especially when i`m doing it for something 'free'.

    i`ve installed RH8 before, mandrake before, slackware, fbsd etc on an AMD k6-550, (i now have an adm xp3000+) but i can`t remember how the hell i did it, i know there's a way to do it without losing xp, i just don`t know what i know.

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