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    I bought a motherboard and one of the USB hole was busted for some reason and the other looks good but both usb them aren't working. Is it possible that both of them would malfunction just because one of the usb is busted? I tried returning it to the computer store but owner keeps telling me that i broke it. I don't see how i could broke the stupid thing because only an idiot would force a usb in to fit. I let that issue slide and figured to just use that motherboard to set up unix since i won't really need any usb to learn unix. Still didn't learn my lesson so stupid me bought another motherboard and this time they gave me a f**** up board with no plug for monitor (i think it's 9 pins on something like that) and there wasn't any jumper to set on that stupid motherboard. Ones again he gave me a f**** up motherboard. I'm so angry right now and my girl is pissed at me for buying hardware on the same store. Sorry for ranting but I feel like killing that chinese guy at this minute. I called his store but he closes early on sundays. STUPID me, i should've checked the parts before i left his store. I would return the motherboard and buy parts somewhere else but it says on the receipt that he will deduct 20% of what i paid for which pisses the f*** out me. I could probably replace the new motherboard that i just bought but can't replace the other since i lost the receipt and the box for it. *sigh* I feel like tying him up and smash those 2 motherboards on face and rob his store for kicks just to show him that he's ****ing with the wrong guy.

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    smiley... sorry to hear the problem. Yes it is possible that both USB ports would malfunction if one of them was busted... it's likely that they are using the same USB root controller and root hub. Damaging one of the ports could result in the entire controller getting toasted - hence bye-bye USB. If I were you I wouldn't buy anything more from this shop.

    Incidentally.... the 20% fee is a restocking fee... this means that if you returned the boards simply because they were not what you wanted (and not because they were broken) then the shop owner is entitled to charge you for lost profit - he can't sell the items 'as new' hence he has to sell them cheaper and thus the restocking fee to cover his loss for your error. HOWEVER if you are returning a product because it was broken (and you did not know it was broken before you purchased the item) then he is not entitled to charge you the 20% fee.

    The problem in this case is proving that you did not break the USB on the mo-bo.... I would give up on that mo-bo cos it's next to impossible proving that you did not break it. As for the one with out the monitor port... you might get lucky with that one as clearly it is not fit for the purpose it was sold for.

    If you don't get lucky and you can't persuade the guy on the second mo-bo- I'd accept the loss of the 20% (may as well get back what you can) and use this as a learning experience - always check the product sold to you before you leave the shop.

    good luck... you're going to need it

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