I'm sick and tired of people saying 'there's nothing on my system worth hacking, security's just not worth it'.

I'm a computer technician and have heard this far too many times. AT LEAST twice a month someone comes in with a virus (acctually this happens very often) on their comp, or a computer that's been hacked.
The customer only found out when the attacker was done playing with the backdoors and remote control utilities and decided to start messing with stuff... Then the poor unsuspecting customer is left to deal with the likely $100+ bill for the repair of thier OS and restoration of their data, if that's even possible.
Statistically this may not be too bad, but when you add the inevitable weeks of random problems leading up to the discovery and the absolute loss of privacy that's occured, I'd say investing a little in security sound quite reasonable, if not neccessary.

I only service systems in one small city so I can imagine what the demographic of 'household' hacks must be internationally, and how mutch money is lost pointlessly.

Any opinions on this subject? or is this what we're all here about?
I'm just ranting from my frustration with ignorance. I'm sure you all understand...