Hey everyone... Welcome to story time...... For those of ya that pay attention to me, you might have noticed that I wasn't around for the last lil while. Now I'd like to tell you why.

I had exams last week, 4 college exams, 3 days. Networking, Operating Systems (Win 2K Server), Hardware (A+ type stuff), Professional Development (Team work crap).. I passed all those, but I'm not sure if I slept the entire time. I was too busy running tutorials. After the last exam, Wed. afternoon, I handed in my rental laptop (now i just have this POS desktop)... I then travelled with my friend and his stepmom from London, ON to Goderich, ON.. For those of you that don't know those towns let me explain this in a population difference. 325,000 down to 8,000. We went out at 10pm in Goderich and everything was closed, including the McDonalds and the Tim Hortons. Anyways.. I had gone up to Goderich to meet a friend of my friend, whom he'd set me up with by phone. She was great, she didn't think the same about me. She ended up breaking my heart, and my wallet ($200+ later), and tells me she has no interest. A month of 6 hours a day on the phone and we get along fine, but 1 hour in person and she decides she hates me. Anyways. I called my dad and he came and picked me up and I went to Port Elgin, ON to spend the weekend with him. Again a population drop. This time from 8,000 to 4,500. Not that big of a drop, but overall it's made a substantial difference. Now normally I'm a poor student in the city, so my dad made me meals (home cooked food), and I got to roam the country a bit, drinking beer all afternoon, and coolers all night while watching movies. I tried to call the chick from Goderich, but I guess she was gone out. So I was upset (ever seen a 6'2, 250lbs man cry?...), so I walked down to the water (Lake Huron), sat on the break wall about 3' from the crashing waves and watched the sun set. It was the most gorgeous thing I'd seen in a long time. Then I decided to come home from there early, so this afternoon I caught the bus from Port Elgin back to London. It stopped in ever town, some of them were a shack on the road that said bus stop. I don't think people even lived there. Anyways, then I met this guy on the bus who says my company should file it's taxes (naw.) and that he might be able to get me a few contracts. I liked the sound of this, so we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll get some computer sales outta it.

Anyways, that explains my absence and gives you a little something to read. Right now a chick just left and i'm coming down off being high and drunk, so I'm on my way to bed. I just wanted to give ya'll something interesting to read, seeing how as this is GCC and right now the main page appears to be nothing more than a bunch of lil kids trying to perform malicious activities from daddy's puter.

G'nite everyone... Peace!