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    Exclamation Electricity problem!!!

    Hi all...

    I have a problem that concerns me alot...

    Well, When ever I touch the case of my PC, I feel electrical current (or you could say an electrical shock!), how serious is that (keeping in mind that my mother board is screwed to the case using metal screws! I know that's bad! ) and is there a way to solve this problem? (Also note that all the sockets in the house don't have an earth output!!!).

    One more thing, I have an InnoVisoin Tornado nVidia2m64 graphics card, and its problem is that its fan doesn't work... does anyone know why is that happening, I have cleaned the fan but still nothing!

    That's all...
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    Feeling current when you touch tne case is definitely a bad thing.
    The case should be connected to earth. One of the connectors at the wall
    is earth, even if you do not have the extra earth connector.
    Your power supply is the most likely cause of this condition, although it is possible
    that your house wiring is faulty. Maybe you should have an electrician
    check it out.

    Did you build the PC yourself? Is it possible that you have something mixed up?
    It is probably OK for the motherboard to be secured with metal screws.
    In fact, it may be intentional to ground one of the circuits to the case
    to assure that it is neutral (zero voltage).
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    Your system is not earthed...not to big of a deal..it shouldn' kill any one or distroy the system, but not a good idea. I am assumeing you have 2 prong outlets...is there a screw in btween the two outlets on the face plte..taht should be the grounding line..you could run a cable from the PC to that...another thing t ocheck si to make sure the power supply is grounded to the case.
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    Thank you for your help dudes, I wired the third pin of the power cable to the floor of my room, and the problem disappeared!!! thanx for the help...
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    IF your house wiring is that bad i would suggest investing in Uninteruptible Power Supply(UPS) It could save you a lot of headaches down the road. Actualy anybody with a computer should have one. With a UPS your computer is never actualy on house current. It runns off the battery inside the ups and the house current keeps the battery charged. Plus they have built in surge protectors. For the 50 bucks it costs to go get one they are well worth the investment

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