Have you ever thought about writing your congressman or the President or wanted to send your $.02 in to a newspaper or magazine but you didn't know how to contact them? This is the site for you:

Mr. Smith Emails Washington / The Media

You can click on your state or the Whitehouse or different congressional committees within the Washington side and send your message to them through an online web form.

On the media side there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of publications and media outlets to choose from. They are categorized to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Once you find it you can voice your opinion by writing your message in the online web form and having it delivered to the editor of the publication you choose.

You always hear people say that an individual can't make a difference, and I don't necessarily believe (especially emailing politicians) that it changes anything, but enough voices can. I forget the number but I was told once that each letter sent to a congressman was treated as if it were 2000 or 5000. Basically, they assume that for everybody with the time, energy and balls to send them a letter there are X number of lazy people who feel the same way.

Check it out and let your voice be heard.