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    I have run across several towns that provide free wifi connect. One small town in Utah even has a sign on the out skirts that tells you it has free wireless connections available. I have also found that in a lot of places, I can connect just by plugging my card in (I use a belkin card and XP on my laptop). In fact just last Sunday, I was visiting a friend in Boise Id. and was showing him the card and plugged it in and found I had 3 signals avalible, and automatically connected to one. The other two were protected, one by encryption, and the other by SSID and possibly passwords.
    Not knowing a connection is setup as a free connect, I usually don't connect to them, and usually I am in an area where I can connect to a service I do subscribe to.
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    I have had time to give this a bit more thought, and read some of the paperwork again. I have a contract with my ISP to provide me with a service. I pay them a monthly fee, and they do just that.

    If someone were to use my service without detriment to myself, then I probably would not know, and certainly would not care? after all I am getting what I agreed to and am paying for.

    The people who WOULD have a problem, would be my ISP They are providing a service to two customers, but can only bill one?

    I would suggest that as long as you are getting the deal that you paid for, and your security is not compromised..........you have no complaints..............your ISP is losing out, not you?


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