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Thread: Free email hosting provider yourname@yourdomain.com

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    Free email hosting provider yourname@yourdomain.com

    i own a domain for my group and i am the webdesigner and founder of the group.as i heard that everyone.net provides free email system @mydomain.com i was rejected...
    so please i need a site which can provide free email system @mydomain.com for my group so that everyone can have theirname@domain.com i heard of bigmailbox.com but it also ask for money and i cannot afford it and nor i can afford more space.
    so please send me if u have any answers.to santoshp@india.com or post ur reply


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    This isn't really the right forum for this....

    Anyways... i suggest running your own sever. This would depend entirely on your connection though.. I have DSL and am using MailEnable (Available here ) on Windows XP. If you have a *nix box on a dedication connection, then just run an smtp server (sendmail, qmail) and a pop3 or imap server...

    On my DSL I host 2 domains email accounts and have no problems..... Right now my uptime is sitting at 19 days.... last downtime was for a hardware update... so it can be rather stable.

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    if you can find a site offering free mail service with a email adress of your choice, you will get a lot of advertising. use as HTRegz said your own mail server. the cheapest way is linux with sendmail.
    if you want a great email server try visnetic mail server. BUT if you can by yourself this server (a good one...) then you can afford a mail account at bigmailbox.com.
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    Seeing that you own a domain you could just as easily download a smtp/pop server software and set up your own mail server that way you can have all mails going to username@yourdomain.com and will be processed by your mail server. If you have a few computers you could set one up spasificaly for handleing mail then at your DNS add a MX record pointing to your server. I like argosoft mail server as it is easy for beginers,


    theres a free non-comercial home version but if you are a busness you will need to purchase your copy, and you will get more features and controll that way.

    I have a dns record at dyndns.org and whenever mail is sent to username@blah.dyndns.org My mail server will "pick up the phone" so I didnt need a MX record.

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