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    check out my website, tell me what you think, suggestions are welcome.
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    Two notes.
    1. That green text is just bad
    2. Give us a NSFW for those of us in cube vill...luckily every one else was at lunch or I could have had a harassment suite on my hands for opening that page up.

    Can't give you any more constructive advice as I closed it as soon as I saw what the image was.
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    hmm...well.... at first I also thought the green text was not good... but upon second thoughts it actually compliments the look of the front page rather well... might want to make it a slightly less lurid green though

    a note to all... the front page shows a naked woman.... but in a tasteful enough pose... she looks quite pretty whoever she is!

    one BIG warning to all... unless you are sitting at your desk with no one in a 100m radius, DO NOT click on the pr0n link... it does eventually lead to real porn sites (which hatebreed I must congratulate you on for your taste - and a pic of Aria Giovanni if I'm not mistaken)......

    other than that it's mainly just a load of links... but I'm sure the content will change with time (looking forward to those pics of you when you are not at your best!)

    finally the graphics are... very nice...... not to everyones taste I am sure but I think they are quite sweet.


    PS out of interest.... why the links to porn sites? I'm not judging you or anything so don't get me wrong.... just curious why.... or is it to get more visitors?
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    the green text i doubt i will change...unless too many ppl say it sux, i like the monochrome thing. and i apologize about not givin the warning about the pr0n, i wasnt thinkin about those that might be at work, my fault. and as far as the pr0n links go, its just there until i get the sql DB of all my pic's and vid's up there. so those links will probably stay there but the main attraction will be my obscenely large collection of pr0n. keep the suggestions comin ppl, i wanna know what you guys think.
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    Thumbs up good

    I like it! but I love this kinda text!

    very nice I think...good links too!

    my $02

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