Heres a few secrets to occupy urselves if ur eva bored

1. goto

2. click enter high bandwidth

3. click orange dot on the right of the top bar

4. click on the box NEXT to low bandwidth

5. click it again

6. click on panel to open it

7. flip the switches to show 01101111

8. click enter

9. follow the hex chart and type in the key F03350B1

10. click ok

Here it gives u a load of intervies and other stuff 2 play with, try other hex codes and if u get 1 right, it will take u 2 different secret areas !!

ps if u find 1, post it here (heres another 098CA701)

heres some more codes

0xCC883300-sample code given on hex page
0x098CA701-code found by zooming in on hex input, gives you desktops
0xEC306071-found in 2 parts on the english/japanese dl's of srpt1
0xFO3350B1-found by selecting all in the old (steak) input window-hugh bateup interview
0x0081CF5E-found by decompiling never posted on (to my knowledge)-john gaeta interview
0xD487A317-hidden the day before detective story near its button-Detective Story
0x98765432-given in the news-ultra sized trailer

Theres loads - go find em