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Thread: Are you happy with the new AO?

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    Are you happy with the new AO?


    I'm not in AO as usual as before anymore but i have received some PMs and been reading some opinions throughout the different forums and i've seen many, many discontent members saying that:

    1 - the new AO logo is awful (although we have the contest now)

    2 - old AO didn't have ads in the main page as it has them now

    3 - the General Chit Chat Forum's threads (etc.) aren't showed in the main page anymore

    4 - the new AO owners have commited some errors and members blame them (for example removing GCC Forum's threads from main page without telling the members, etc.)

    5 - they miss JP

    So, how do you feel and what are your opinions about this? I can't opine yet because i haven't been around enough to do it.



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    I do wish all the threads would show up on the front page, but overall i think the site is still awesome.
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    i personally miss the little security tester thing they had before. and if they still have it and i can't find it then i'm a moron. but until recently, last i was on AO was like 99, and i forgot my username and password since then
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    I think it is doing ok. Though... I've really only been haunting these boards for bout a year and some change. I have noticed quite a few new people coming in and quite a few older members leaving. So goes the circle of life.

    I have no complaints about the new mgt. I do wish that we did have an option to show all forums rather than just the security forums. It would be so much easier to find active forums and threads that are not security related. After thinking bout security and computing all day... it is kinda nice to chat bout everything else.

    So... other than repetative threads... no. AO is still a great community and I'm still addicted. Though... I have found myself off at several other sites (mostly security) reading all the old stuff that I've missed out on.

    Now that school is coming to an end... maybe I can get my social life back on track?
    Too soon to tell...

    AO is a great place to come when you are procrastinating...
    I seem to be VERY good at that when it comes to schoolwork.
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    I would say, stop complaining and give them a break. I can find myself in what phishphreek80 said about the new mgt.

    1) Who cares about the logo? It's not that bad at all, and there's a contest. IMHO the new logo has somethign professional, it looks more statefull than the old one, but it isn't an eyecatcher. It's flat so a beauty: definitly not! ok: yes!

    2) yes the adds... bleh. If someone buys a thing like this, they also want to get something in return. would you risk the investment?

    3) GCC not on frontpage -> well it's the first time this works. JP tried this before and people started abusing other forums. The main disadvantage today is that the forum stays more static since there are less new posts an the main, but the good thing is there are more on topic posts. I have to admit that I barerly post since the new AO, perhaps that has something to do with the GCC disappearing from the main. But it can also be the lack of decent content, questions comming back all the time, the absence of some senior members from 2001...

    4) yes, they commited some errors and pissed some people off, who does not. Who is free from guilt throws the first stone (or something similar )

    5) It's not JP himself but more the community feeling and warmth, probably this comes back after a while, perhaps it is back or moved to other places.

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    Overall, I'm not quite sure if I like it more now or not. I've been here for a long time (many of you remember me as jehnx) and I used to post ALL the time, but now I hardly ever post, and I'm not really sure why. I don't know if it's because of new things that are happening, or if I just don't have as much interest here as I used to, if I miss some of the older members who I used to talk to all the time, or if I just wish we could have irc.antionline.com back again.

    Either way, I don't think that Jupiter is necessarilly doing a terrible job per se, but I don't think that they have really turned AO around for the better, either.

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    Well I'm still here, if that says anything. Having as many problems as I've had with the new mgmt, that could say volumes. Anyway, they aren't that bad when they keep to themselves. hehehe
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    Originally posted here by sickyourIT
    i personally miss the little security tester thing they had before. and if they still have it and i can't find it then i'm a moron. but until recently, last i was on AO was like 99, and i forgot my username and password since then
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    the forums need a radical shake-up, they're a mess, too many unneeded ones and not enough topic-relative ones.

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    As some one new to AO (I think I may have lurked in 99 or 98, lost the address and didn't bother) I think I can give a slightly different prospective. How could you guys have standed the site with general chitchat overloading the front page. Sure this would have made inane conversations(like this one) easier for lazy people, but it would have mad actual security discussions very hard. If I looked at this board in the 90's I would have probably not stayed as the front page was filled with nonsecurity issues and I was looking for a site with useful info.

    Although I am guessing there are a few people here who would have been happier if I didn't stop by
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