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    random question- does anyone know if they make "switches" for cathode lighting for a case mod? i've got a really bright 12" blue cathode light in my case that i'd like to turn off sometimes, but still have the computer on.. is there a way to do this without having to reach in the computer and unplug the thing? a program i can put on the desktop, mebbe?
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    I know Melvine (a Belgium case-modding kits manufacturer) produces a dimmer that can adjust fan speed or up to 2 CCFL'S (Cold Cathode Lights)
    it's the mc-001 Rheokit
    see http://www.melvine.be/casemodding/in...article=mc-001
    you can dimm your lights with that little tool but it's no real on/off switch
    Although those switches surely exist:
    see http://www.ocwarehouse.com/reviews/lamps-ccfl.htm
    Some CCFL kits come with an ON/OFF switch, and you can buy they seperate too.

    You can control both your fans and your CCFL lights with a Rheobus from Sunbeam
    You probably need a special extension cable to the inverter to use the Rheobus and CCFL's together. Check their website: http://www.sunbeamtech.com

    I hope this helps you

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    when it comes to switches radio shack is your friend....anything that can be used in a car (12vdc) can be used in your computer. you have to pay a little more attention with lights though b/c they can draw many amps if it's a big one.
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