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Thread: XFree86 4.2.1 Config

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    XFree86 4.2.1 Config

    Ok, Here i go...

    I recently installed NetBSD (third time's a charm ) ...

    I then installed XFree86("X") window server...
    -> not sure what Window manager i have yet?

    When starting "X" i get an error...
    I'm pretty sure i know what it is, but not quite sure of a solution?

    "No Screen Found" is the error... along with "could not open config file"
    in /etc there is supposed to be XF86Config telling X the setup?
    but i have no such file, and short of rewriting the whole file i don't know how to set this file up- i thought that X did that it-self?

    Any help would greatly appreciated...

    in short- need config file for XFree86 window server?

    /edit- <rant>btw, i hate VI can't figure the darn thing out! that's why i haven't re-written the file...</rant>

    /edit2 -> Just found this http://www.xfree86.org/4.2.1/XF86Config.5.html
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    try typing xf86config at the shell or XF86Config, remember that linux is always case sensitive. run xf86 config and answer all of the questions it asks, and it should write your configuration file. If you are missing the xf86config program you need to reinstall X.

    Hope this helps.

    i know the X conifig process can take some patients. if you arent successful your first time around I would suggest keeping track of each configuration that you try, using the process of elimination to come up with the correct settings. xf86config sets up the x settings for your keyboard, mouse, monitor, and display card.

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    That should help you.


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