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    Military cryptolinguist test

    I know that in the AF, in order to be a cryptolinguist, you have to get a nasty high score on the ASVAB, and then take a DLAB test. (where you decipher an imaginary language)

    (basic description)

    (advice given from some people who've taken the test.)

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of a practice DLAB? I googled, snapped, and webferreted, and found nothing. If you find one, please post the link.


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    I have already taken the DLAB and I'de have to say its difficult, you really do have to decipher an imaginary language. I did thankfully passed even though i only got 30 minutes of sleep at the hotel the night before. I now have to pass the ECLT(English Comprehension Language Test) and i think its the last test, unfortunately have to wait 2 more weeks to take it though.

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