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Thread: Paragraph spacing in Frontpage 2000

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    Paragraph spacing in Frontpage 2000

    I am using FP2000 to design a web page for a company I work for.

    When I create a table in Frontpage, I go to type a short sentence and press enter. What happens is the next line is spaced out to much. I would like the new sentence to be right below the previous sentence, but by pressing enter, it starts a new paragraph. I would like to start a new sentence without the spacing or a new paragraph.

    I have seemed to check out all options including Format/Paragraph but that does not seem like the right option.

    If someone could please advise and let me know if you need more info. Thanks...

    Never mind the previos post. I have finally found the information on Microsoft's KB.

    I have to hold down SHIFT while pressing ENTER to create a line break in Front Page.

    That is new to me!!! Hopefully that will help others out who do not know about that.

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    well u need very short spacing between 2lines well u can do it...
    click ur right hand mouse button and click on paragraphs then set the spacing options
    before: 0
    after : 0
    or set it accordingly to ur convinence.
    well i hope ur problem geets sloved well let me know ur computer web site...
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