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Thread: Securing Windows 2K W/ Novell netware 4.8.3

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    Securing Windows 2K W/ Novell netware 4.8.3

    There is a network set up at our school and I was wondering if there was anyway to deny access to Consoleone and NTadm32 to anyone with student access (user equivalency... I think.) We are running Novell 4.8.3 w/ netware. This would greatly help, thanks!

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    I have been a long time away from novell (stopd with 5) but if I remember correctly isn't Consoleone on the server only...if so its real easy to restrict user access, a lock and key.
    As for NTadm32 ther is a file acces list much like win 2k's ACL and with that you can set the privalges to acces a file (I think this is done through zenworks). If you asked this question in the mid 90's I would have been a lot more help
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    For more info try support.novell.com and search the knowledgebase. That's what I do. Good Luck.

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    Cool Deny File System Access To Students

    Denying access to the file system is easy.
    Youve obvlsy identified the users you want restriced (students as opposed to teachers).
    open up nwadmin
    create a group that contains all student user objects (eg. .students.groups.school)
    browse the file system by going to the volume object in the tree (eg. .<servername>_sys.school) and go the the folder sys\public\mgmt
    right click the folder and select details
    select trustees of the object
    click add trustee and add the group containing all students (eg. .students.groups.school)
    untick read and file scan.
    all boxes in access righrs should be unticked.
    also untick all boxes in inheritance filter just to be safe.
    now all users in that group have no access to the mgmt folder (containing console one)

    do the same to:

    and that will deny access to nwadmin.

    BTW, the client version doesnt matter, we are blocking users, not workstations.

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