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Thread: Opinion Generator

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    Cool The Opinion Generator

    State your opinions on the world today, whether it be about money, drugs, sex, violence, war, the hot girl next door, your social life, school, hacking and cracking, the over weight dude at your work.
    I really don't care what it's about, as long as it's your opinion!

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    Doc d00dz Attackin's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Just wanted to point out, just to save your azz, don't talk about big people like that...... i mean don't express your self by saying " the FAT guy at work" am not big myself but get some respect... At least say not to offend no one........ Sorry i had to post this sh#$ but am p!zzed at the moment... about this
    and i didn't post this to get on u or anyone's bad side

    just wanted to point out my opinion..........bye
    First you listen, then you do, finally you teach.
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    sorry to hear that but all I can say about the world today is

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