I got a Gateway 400MHZ Celeron, 64 MB Ram, Looks pretty good, I will be able to finally crack it open tomarrow and take a look at the insides. I got it for Free, came with the Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, but as you can tell, its pretty slow, and wont do me much good, so I figure, I have some extra cash right now, so Maybe I will buy some stuff for it, and turn it into a project for fun. I need some help, as this will be my first PC Build, even though I have upgraded RAM, and Graphics Cards on other PC's before, but never anything else.. is there anything I need to know about upgrading this? I mean, can I switch to processor to a faster processor while keeping the same motherboard? Im going to add Ram equal enough to 256, and throw a 32 MB or 64 MB Graphics Card into it, maybe a better fan, Bigger Hard-Drive (current one is only 10 GB).. I just need some help on how to do this, any websites with tutorials or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys!