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Thread: about the LILO!

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    about the LILO!

    hi guys
    i dual boot my box with xp and linux mandrake.
    i want to uninstall linux so i removed the partition using partition magic
    then the lilo is still installed
    i try a win98se startup disk to boot my box to uninstall the LILo through the fdisk/mbr command
    and it doesnt work
    so is there any other way to uninstall LILO??
    peace out

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    Hey Hey

    That's odd that fdisk /mbr won't work.... Anyways MS seems to have a solution if it doesn't work for ya...


    Hopefully this will help ya solve your problem.


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    It is possible that LILO is not installed in the Master Boot Record,
    but in the windows partition boot sector. In that case, the command
    would be SYS C:

    Also, on some computers there is a setting in the BIOS for
    protecting the MBR from being corrupted by viruses.
    Make sure it isn't engaged.
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    I think the command is FIXBOOT or, nah wait that'll probably work but there's another one might be FIXMBR, I can't remember right now, go into recovery mode and check the help menu it'll give you the right command. I do know it's not fdisk anymore, why they changed it I dunno.
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    it's done now guys

    thankx for help
    i went to bootdisk.com
    downloaded a one for winxp
    booted in MS dos mode
    fdisk /mbr did it for me
    thank u
    peace out

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