hello peoples
i've finally done what was needed and tried to upgrade my firewall on redhat 8 to the stronger one in the faq at TLDP for ip-masq, i think i have everything setup correctly, but when i try to d\run the new firewall, redhat complains-

": bad interpreter: No such file or directoryer: /bin/sh"

ive checked to make sure i have everything in oder (it appears to be), have attached a copy of my firewall ruleset in a zip, if anyone can help me it would be appreciated

btw im on dialup with dynamic ip assignment, with my internal interface being eth0, external interface being ppp0, on the type network

i have now fixed the problem, turned out there was an -e after the echo part which was causing it, AntiOnline won't let me delete the thread for some reason (closes connection) so just consider it closed anyway