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Thread: Can Anyone Help?

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    Can Anyone Help?

    Hey Everyone...

    have you guys seen the "Automated file sender" program located at


    its a program that automatically sends a specific file chosen by the user at a certain time of day by email or ftp...

    however i need something similar to this program but more complicated... its gotta be similar to a trojan, but it must be legit, it cant be illigal becuase the users know that they are gonna recieve this program...

    the user will open the file i send once, and after that the file i specified on the users computer will be sent out on a time line basis. that same file has to be sent out each week... and it must be automatically sent behind the scene...

    simple explanation...
    ( i need a program that will auto send one specific file from a users computer each week... sending out the same file... the file must be sent automated to a email or ftp server)

    If anyone knows of such a program or knows a way to make one then please reply... or send me an email for further info... indeago@pacbell.net

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    Visual Basic

    I have a visual basic program which I use to pick up the internet logs from my router and e-mail it to me.

    It might be roughly what your looking for if you modify it slightly.

    Are you VB literate ?

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    No, actually im not really vb literate... i have only learned C++ in the past, thats about the only programming language i know except for all the internet programming languages...

    anyhow, maybe we could trade off work...

    the program u have is exactly what im looking for... i have a squad team for a game i play and their stats are saved on thier computer in a certain directory... if you could modify your program to send me this .sav file each week, then in return i could do something for you...

    i am a multimedia designer. I can help you with any website questions.. help with graphics, flash, or whatever..

    check out my corporate site... http://www.markethink.net

    if your able to do this, then just send me a personal email. indeago@pacbell.net


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