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Thread: lotus smartsuite

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    lotus smartsuite

    Would you please tell me where can i download lotus smartsuite

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    This is not a warez site. Its a computer security site and the majority of people on here will take great exception to you asking that question.

    This site deals more with proper security questions than with warez, cracking etc.

    Also you will find that some people can't be bothered to explain this to you and will just neg you. I will take the time to help you on this as I feel everyone seems to have negged you and been a bit harsh without explaining or asking you to remove your post.

    If you go to www.planetmirror.com you can download star office for free.
    This is because its out of copyright now and is hence not illegal.

    staroffice will open any lotus file up to lotus millenium.

    Note to the rest of you guys. What happened to the big brotherish figures who try to guide an inquisitive mind ?

    The guy just misunderstood. I am sure if we wet his appetite he can grow and learn along side us.

    P.S you might want to remove that post before you get anymore negative antipoints.

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