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    just helped a friend with almost the same issue.... download and install the latest dirx from microscrewup.....this fixed my friends up instantly (directX9)
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    i already have the latest direct x (9) and have had it for a long time.

    okay okay,

    last night, i went to bed thinkin about the problem, (cause it froze and i just turned it off and left) and when i got up today, everything is working fine.... and i have no clues what so ever.

    so anyways, i re-installed it and it still froze (last night) and cause its working fine now, i just didnt worry about it. but now when i minimise it, it just becomes a minimised window, instead of the miniplayer of the toolbar. media player tool bar is ticked, and sometimes it changes to the miniplayer, but when the computer restarts it just goes back to normal, making me tick the media player toolbar again. and its annoying. anyone know how to make it change into miniplayer automatically like it did before?
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    lets say nothing picks up anything... what can you manually do?
    also would it be possible to make a program that could tell you all the programs in your memory and every thing in que in the kernal, wouldn't this alert you to any new virus or trojans or keylogger or suspicious code if your virus scaners cant find anything?

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    I know you don't want to hear this but a similar problem happened to a friend of mine and we did everything we could think of including reloading windows, drivers, updated directX, it would play music, I could open files off cds, but no dvds (it froze every time on any dvd after that) Turns out it was hardware. His dvd/cd-rom drive burnt out. I hadn't seen that before, but if you have a warranty it could be a pretty quick fix if that is what is wrong.

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