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Thread: VA anti-spam law

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    VA anti-spam law

    Gov. Warner of VA just made an anti-spam law.


    interestingly enough, he said that they can prosecute anyone, anywhere for spam.

    food for thought.

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    Interesting. It brings up a couple of thoughts:

    a) how will they deal with those they cannot get (aka those that will be out of bounds to them because that country will not extradite the company, even if it could be done)

    b) how will they catch those that hide their addresses?

    This is a reactionary law and will not deter spammers from their intended victims. It also wouldn't be that hard to strip out those address that hail from Virginia, which would represent a smaller portion of "victims".
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    one of the big things mentioned is that this is the first anti-spam law that allows seizure of spamming assets. i.e. if you make a million off of spamming, VA will take a million from you. im not sure how he plans on doing this, but it will definitely be interesting to try. heck, our state could use a few more millions to finish out some bridges, road projects, schools, etc. why not arrest spammers to get it.

    when taxes fail, pass seizure laws!

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