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Thread: Posting a thread. New member.

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    Posting a thread. New member.

    Hey all.

    I just set up an account for a friend of mine and explained him a bit about AO and the whole community.
    Like no hotmail hacking threads, search google before asking, the whole nine yards.

    I told him it would be an OK thing to post a 'roll call
    ' thread at first but he is unable to. There is no 'post a new thread button.
    I went over to his house and verified everything is set up ok. It is, he can assign pos/neg. But none of the forums seem to have a 'Post a new thread' not is there a 'post reply' in any of the threads.

    Am I going nuts, did I miss something ? or is this a bug ?

    Thanks for any response.

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    That happened to my co-worker, DR.FUBAR.
    He wasn't able to post for nearly two weeks.
    He could eventually, though.
    I think it just takes them a while to get everything going.
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    Shouldn't take that long, AFAIK. Maybe a day or so. Send a note to intmon. He might be able to help.
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    Thanks, that helped.

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