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    HTML code translator

    Where can I find a software that translate those html number codes to plain english?

    Spammers use them a lot on their html spam email.


    Thanks in adv.
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    Re: HTML code translator

    Originally posted here by micky05
    Where can I find a software that translate those html number codes to plain english?
    If you mean those %40%2e numbers, these are just hexadecimal ASCII translations. Find a good ASCII tabel and convert the numbers, if necessary, to hexadecimal (or the other way around).

    Perl one-liners:

    Convert %2e to character:
    perl -e "print( chr( hex( '2e' ) ) );"

    Convert character e to % notation:
    perl -e "printf( qq( %%%02X\n), ord('e') );"

    Should be really easy to convert this to Visual Basic or something. Most programming languages have similar functions.
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    When I pasted the spammer hyperlinks on the frontpage html, some character are translated on the preview and some are not.

    Does it mean that frontpage is not the sofware I should be using?

    Does it mean that, they write them in the combination of html number code and hexadeicaml ASCII?

    Does internet explorer translate hexadecimal ASCII code?

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    This is exactly what your looking for :-


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    Sam Spade has a tool included in it to decode URL's. I've never had occasion to use it but its whole purpose is to track down spammers so this may be what you need:

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    If you don't feel like installing those tools, you can use this one. It is a nice little bit of Javascript code, with the source on the site. Here is a link.


    There is also a lot of similar code in PERL and other programming languages. One of the larger uses of these tools is in CGI programs, or anything that runs on a webserver and needs to get information from a user. A web browser will change certain characters to be able to send it to the server, and the server has to change it back into its normal characters before being able to use them. Well, I don't really want to explain it, but you can use the link above to get the job done.


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    Thanx Tim_axe, This is what I was looking for. Karen's Url Discombobulator is great but does not do reverse Url lookup.

    Thanks everyone, for your responses.
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    I think u will find that it does - lol

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    Sorry, i didn't explain myself clearly. i didn't mean normal dns forward or reverse lookup, i meant encoded lookup - encoded text to plain english, it only do plain english to enconded html.

    It seems to be more of a spammer's tool than a system admin tool. What a system admin wants to do is to view the spammer html source code get their encoded hyperlink translated then added to his/her proxy or firewall ACL.

    Thanks, anyway.
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