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Thread: antipoints huh!?

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    antipoints huh!?

    straight newbie *So like whats an antipoint how do i get em and what do i do wit em*
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    You get them (well the NEG ones) by posting stuff like this . . .
    Helping people out and bringing good (or bad) news tends to help.
    but the real way to earn massive amounts of antipoints is to write tutorials..

    You can use them to give points to other people and look cool, also there are rumours about a nice little gift shop somewhere in Beaver-PA that used to sell candy and lunchboxes for AntiPoints..

    but one thing RTFM
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    yes, read the FAQs and also scroll down and notice that almost every post in "similar threads" was suicidal, basically the points are a way to self govern, if you give good info or actually help people you get green points, if you act like an ******* without a sence of humor or post about anti points or ask how you can get inside someones account or something like that, you get reds, after a certain number of reds (i think 300 negtive points) you get banned, now yes you can come back but if i got banned i doubt i would come back, whod wanna be in a place they arent wanted? **** thats why im barely in IRC anymore.

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    Anti points are what Ao is all about They are based on users of ao and if they like ur posts or not. These points will give you alot more credibility on the site basically. Good question man.

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    AntiPoint is not what AO is all about .... Ao is about helping people and people helping me :-D.... AntiPoints is just to see if u posted a smart post or a dumb post ..... and if the community doesnt like u ...well u get banned for having manu Negative Antipoints

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    Antipoints, are all about preventing people from telling it as it is. I wrote a post about how a lot of people babble on about the same thing, and now im being warned about being banned. So if you do not want to get banned agree with every thng thats said, get your nose right up into that but crack. Or someone will give you an antpoint and off you go. Take a look throught the threads and read those that have been banned, your be amased at the ease of how to get banned. I take it im banned now, oh well thats life. If you cant handle the facts, how you going to handle the WWW. I have this mental picture of someone standing in the corner, with their fingers in their ears screaming; "its not real, its not real". I wonder if ive got enought time to assign antipoints to to everyone before i get banned,, must try it.


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    I don't know what all this AP-**** is about.... all the whining and bitching....
    I was a newbie a few months ago,read the faqs, wanted to learn, googled, and if i didn't find it, THEN I came (or still come) here.
    I've never had problems here, sure I had some negs, but heh at least I realised I even have a life besides AP's.
    Surely some green dots look nice and gives some appreciation of your contribution, but that's just about everything it means for me.
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    This system of antipoints is crap, and failes to acheave anything. On my home page the AP counter suggests i tent to assign 50/50, but on posts it claims I tend to assign 100% neg. The system does not work.
    Now I got a warning from the "community", that im becomeing a pain in the but. 11 posts, and im a pain in the but. No indecation of how or why, just a warning that im going to be banned. That is so sad, I dont swear nor do i flame anyone. But im going to be banned: Some poor bloke asked s simple question, and the following answers he got was one repeat after another. Over and over again, and im being treated like a leaper for pointing this out. Well I can only assum some people are concerned about their image, than the trouth. In the end people will be so afraid of getting banned, that even when thay know their is a wrong thay will not speak out aginst it. Hay I know where Saddem Hassane is, hes here running the antipoints system.

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    To put it really bluntly, the antipoint system is kind of a way to show how much a person is helping the community.

    Read this for more info.

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    Hmm, so we need GreekGoddess and MSM to accept the pink dots, and get the guys some blue ones, then lets see how many threads popup on this matter

    Shrekkie, think about your idea too, the "boogers", hahahahahaha


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