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Thread: Program to View Visual Basic 3.0 codes

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    Program to View Visual Basic 3.0 codes

    Hi im looking for a program to view Visual Basic 3.0 codes, i have tryed with a HEX editor but that's not what im looking for, i remember trying a program "SoftICE" that would run the file and then log all the things it does, i have tryed to download the program, but its not the same version i was using a while ago, and i cant get the new version to start [Some files are missing]
    So anyone got some idear's for a good program ???
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    VB3 Source

    Look on www.majorgeek.com or groups.google.com for a vb3 decompiler.

    I found one here which works exceptionally well.

    Can't remember for the life of me what its called.

    Look through the forums on this site for the previous threads on VB decompiling. its on one of them.

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