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Thread: HELP Macromedia Dreamweaver MX vs. (INET+, CIW)

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    HELP Macromedia Dreamweaver MX vs. (INET+, CIW)

    Can anyone give me advice on what is better to be certified in?
    Either macromedia dreamweaver mx or the ciw with inet+, What is the better cert for the buck, finding a job, and being creative? Please help!
    Thank you.

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    I dont know about the certifications but i spersonaly swear by dreamweaver for site creation. Actualy if you can afford it the whole macromedia suite is nice

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    Hmmm, ceritification in my opinion is good as a suppliment to a resume. People hire for what you can do for them, and will look at you as a whole so to speak. My best suggestion is to get certified as leverage, but take the time to really sit down, look at code do graphics and see what you can develop. Good ideas are found all over the place and are great tools for inspiration. Then build a portfolio with some of the creations you made as an example. Also, do some free jobs to build the resume and have some live sites out there. That impresses people.

    Here are some links to help you along:

    http://www.thebestdesigns.com/55.shtml <-- a good place for inspiration, resources, etc.

    http://www.worstoftheweb.com <-- Knowing what NOT to put on pages is important.

    http://www.htmlgoodies.com <-- An excellent resource on HTML, JS,CSS and more

    If you wanna talk more, PM me or click the link in my sig.


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    i personally LOVE dreamweaver MX- combined with Flash and Photoshop you can put out some really nice web pages, and not having to code out everything by hand is very nice. running in the vien of knowing what not to put on a webpage- look for a book that's called Web Pages That Suck- Learning Good Design by Looking at Bad Design. it's pretty good at pointing out some really nasty mistakes that web designers make. oh, and check out Fresh Styles for Web Designers as well- good stuff that will get your creative juices flowing. good luck!
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