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Thread: HELP Macromedia Dreamweaver MX vs. (INET+, CIW)

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    HELP Macromedia Dreamweaver MX vs. (INET+, CIW)

    Can anyone give me advice on what is better to be certified in?
    Either macromedia dreamweaver mx or the ciw with inet+, What is the better cert for the buck, finding a job, and being creative? Please help!
    Thank you.

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    Hey,, Ahh SO far as Macrmedia MX go's I wouldn't put my money on it !.. Its filled with Pretty Basic Programs that almost anyone can learn within a few days ! ( Perhaps not Master.. but Learn ) Im not sure about the other one you mentioned, but If it is more complicated then Macrmedia MX, then go with it.. because it will actually require an education to learn how to use it..

    Just my opinion !

    best of luck !

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