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Thread: JavaScript Ability

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    JavaScript Ability

    Is it possible to create files on a webserver by JavaScript?
    Also if you can, can you write to them etc?

    I mean this so when the JS is ran it creates the file etc.

    I know you can do this with more powerful scripting languages, but I'm just trying to find out JS's ability.

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    create a link on a web page. when the user clicks on it it prompts the user for a file name, then created the file on the serverside.

    <script language="VB" runat="server">
    Sub CreateFile_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
    Dim strFileName As String = funcParam.Value
    'custom code to create a text file
    End Sub
    <script language="JavaScript">
    //ask for user input and then create file
    function CreateFile() {
    //get filename from the user
    var fileName = prompt('Type the name of the file you want to create:','');
    //if the user clicks on OK and if they have entered something
    if ((fileName) && (fileName!="")) {
    //save the filename to the hidden form field 'funcParam'
    document.forms['myForm'].elements['funcParam'].value = fileName;
    //call the postback function with the right ID

    <form runat="server" id="myForm">
    Create Text file
    <asp:linkbutton id="CreateFile" runat="server" onclick="CreateFile_Click" />
    <input type="hidden" runat="server" id="funcParam">


    for further info goto: http://www.xefteri.com/articles/dec102002/default.aspx
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    ReLik: With just JS, no you cannot create server-side files or write to files.
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    meister, please note that your code will only run on Windows (since it uses ActiveX) and Internet Explorer (since it uses VBScript). Otherwise, yes, it should work.
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    o.k., of course you're right cgkanchi

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